Two eyes, two ears

But we are used to limit the usage of these senses

To only see and hear what we want to see and hear

And forgetting the truths behind every stories and images



And as you grow up, you realize

That there are times, when

The person whom you love,

The things which you love,

Are the source of your sadness,





But you love them

So you stay anyway



He’s been trying so hard

He tries to exist in this world

By going to a crowded place

Where everyone talks, no one listens

He’s been trying so hard

He tries to fill his quite world

By saying things he doesn’t mean

Which everyone believes, no one questions

He doesn’t have to try so hard

He tries to make his heart beating again

By following every beat he hears

From his headphone, not theirs



Blue sky, it’s time to fly

Prepare yourself for the long journey

Up up high you fly

Dancing in the clouds

Then buried beneath the clouds

Only to fly even higher

Blue sky is within an inch of you

You are closer now than you had ever thought

Thus the closer you are to reach the sky

The more important it is

To come back down

— To the ground


One Thing

To you who’ve been living in the space for these past few years,

May you find it

That one thing

Which allows you to live peacefully

Which lets you sleep safely and soundly

Which keeps you sane and grounded



We don’t say what we want nor what we feel

Because we don’t  know how to say it

Because we are afraid of their reaction

Because we don’t  want to hurt them

Because we are afraid of their judgment

Most importantly,

Because we are not allowed to