Be patient

We’ll get there eventually

Sooner or later

To the place where we belong

To the eternal place

We once heard of

Because it’s just a matter of time

Until our eyes are closed

Never to open again


Stand Still

No matter how the weather has been inside of you lately





I will always be there

Just like every tree

You pass every day

While you are walking out from your house

Which has conquered all the four seasons

Which stands still through the four seasons

I will stand still

And be your ally

I will stand still

And stand by your side



‘Will the search end?’

Ask every soul who keeps



For an answer

Therefore, I’m here



‘May you find the answer’

It might be a pleasant one to hear

It might be an unpleasant one to bear

But, at least

It’s the truth


Thunder Storm

Thunder storm

No one goes out

Staying under a blanket

With a cup of tea

And an old book

Is the best


One surprisingly steps outside

By all mean to get soaked under the rain

And to howl his heart out

Together whenever the thunder strikes

Creating one similar sound

For it is a way to lift his sorrow

Without letting anyone know


Window Seat

By the window you sit

For sky and clouds always have stories to tell

By the window you sit

For every song in your playlist belong in this moment

By the window you sit

For every sentence in your favourite song makes more sense now

By the window you sit

For it is your favourite place to contemplate

For it is your favourite place to cry in the sky



How long have you been trying to define

Something which can’t be defined?

Asking your left and right doesn’t help

No answer will ever satisfy you

Because it is not to be defined,

Nor to be described

— Unless you feel it