Maybe it’s not because I can’t,

Maybe it’s because I don’t

Don’t want to close my eyes,

Don’t want to rest my body,

Don’t want to fall asleep

Maybe it’s because I am afraid of the reality

That this silent night might disappear

In just a blink of an eye,

And the reality that I can’t hide in the dark any longer



From up here you finally realize

How beautiful the life has been

With a touch of green and brown

From the place where you stand,

The blue sea and sky,

The white clouds,

The horizon,

All of them seem to be in the right place

And now you can’t resist it any longer, the urge

To be one with the beautiful life underneath

While to jump off this cliff

Is for some rather terrifying,

You find it blissful



Too bad that I didn’t take pictures,

Nor paint the beautiful scenery

Before it’s too late, before my mind

Stop recreating them

All that’s left now are

Blurry images and fading memories

As if time has its own way to tell me

How superficial it was



She’s such a fool for she thinks that

The two of them would be standing there,

At the place where it all started,

Together with those butterflies which were there

For he has never said it himself,

That four letter word,




True, we all have that particular day

When our lips do not curve a smile

When we are struck with sadness

When pain hits us, when our heart aches

But to feel is better than not feeling anything — than to feel numb

Therefore, embrace it



Days, weeks and months have passed

We’ve been trying to figure out

An answer to our question,

An answer that we can’t choose,

An answer that we don’t know

The only thing that we can be certain of is

To consistently stand, stay and hide

In a grey area will lead to

One’s downfall



Instead of trying so hard to open a door or even to break it,

You better wait for the owner itself to open that door

And letting you come to see what’s inside